Qatar Airways Cargo to Insource Spain Operations from Feb. 1

Qatar Airways Cargo is insourcing its entire commercial operation in Spain as of February 1, 2022.

Given this upcoming move, customers across Spain are advised that a new e-mail contact address is operational from yesterday (January 24): It will eventually replace all previous contact addresses pertaining to ATC Aviation Services, S.L. on February 1, 2022.

To secure a smooth transition, customers have been requested to include both, ATC’s current and the new Qatar Airways Cargo addresses in all e-mail communication between January 24 and January 31. “Qatar Airways Cargo extends its sincere and grateful thanks to ATC Aviation Services, S.L., which, over the past 16 years, has helped to build our Spanish footprint to what it is today: Qatar Airways Cargo is Spain’s number one air cargo service provider for the several past years,” Robertino Veltman, Vice President Cargo Europe at Qatar Airways emphasized.

“It is because our operations have now grown to such a large scale, that Qatar Airways Cargo feels the time is right to insource its commercial and customer service activities across Spain. Through meticulous planning and close and professional collaboration with ATC Aviation Services, S.L., we are aiming for a smooth transition so that business continues to run as normal. Our customers can look forward to many familiar contacts in the new Qatar Airways Cargo teams, and simply need to change over to the new central e-mail address in the interim.”

Further details regarding the new organization, contacts, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses will be communicated in early February 2022. Customers can look forward to direct and personal support from dedicated Qatar Airways Cargo teams across Spain from next month.

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